Five Essential Marketing Features For Your Summertime Marketing Event

During the summer months, an outdoor marketing event is a great idea. Many potential attendees will jump at the chance to spend an enjoyable afternoon under the sun. You can offer attractions that will bring a large number of attendees together to learn more about your products and services.

Of course, if you invest time and money into hosting an outdoor event, you need to take full advantage of the event's marketing and branding potentials. The following are five things you absolutely have to have at any summer marketing event in the coming weeks:

Branded tents

All of your event attractions are hopefully going to take place under a tent so that your event attendees can take advantage of shade and comfort. Invest in branded tents so that your logo and company name are clearly displayed. Event attendees will then associate your company with comfort, convenience, and fun.

Large scale outdoor signage

If you're investing in an outdoor event, you should try to have your brand always in the peripheral vision of attendees. One necessity is that you invest in large outdoor signage that will broadcast your company's presence to everyone attending.

Of course, you don't want to overdo it or be to over-the-top. Yet you should at least make a point of clearly and overtly establishing your presence and advertising any special offers, deals, or attractions your company can offer to event attendees.

Backpack flags

Backpack flags are a great way to get your attendees to feel more like they are a part of the event. Small backpack flags can be handed out for free and guests can wear them around your event. This is a great way to subconsciously demonstrate your presence among those who participate. 

Feather flags

If you're looking for custom flags for your special summertime event, feather flags offer a sleek look that's perfect for outdoor events under the sun. Feather flags can fashionably display your logo and also aesthetically benefit the scenery at your outdoor event. 

Branded outdoor furniture

Give your event attendees even more comfort that they'll associate with your company with branded furniture. Special event furniture can go a long way in exposing those who attend to who you are and what you stand for. 

T-shirts with event and company slogans displayed

Event t-shirts tend to be a highly affordable away to present your brand. One of the best benefits of event t-shirts is that they won't only influence the community at the time of your event, but also in the weeks and months to come when event attendees wear your t-shirts again around town.

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